Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd ‘entertainment’ costs for the seven months ending 30 June 2021

The tables below outline Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s ‘entertainment’ costs incurred – including costs reimbursed to Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Board members and senior leadership team members. These can be generally categorised as business-related non-travel expenses including taxis, meals and beverages incurred while representing Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd at meetings or events – building relationships with business contacts and other stakeholders.

The costs below are those recorded in Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s financial system and were part of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s overall audited financial statements.

A lot of relationship-building activity was suspended due to COVID-19-related restrictions, and the pandemic heavily impacted on Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s key economic development priorities which normally require the organisation to grow relationships with a range of partners - so the costs incurred were lower than would normally be incurred.

As with all types of sensitive expenditure, staff were expected to be prudent when spending public funds on business-related ‘entertainment’. Any such costs were required to be approved by line managers. The Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Board Chair approved claims by other directors; the Chair’s claims were approved by the Deputy Chair. Reimbursement claims by tier two staff were subject to approval by the Chief Executive, while claims by the Chief Executive were subject to approval by the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Chair.

As per Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s Delegated Financial Authority policy, expenses were paid for and attributed to the most senior staff representative attending an event or meeting.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd ‘entertainment’ costs for the seven months ending 30 June 2021