We work with a range of public and private sector partners to:  

  • Deliver the GridAKL innovation precincts on behalf of Auckland Council  
  • Support training in industries with skills and talent shortages, such as screen production, ICT, construction and engineering, and deliver youth employment initiatives  
  • Provide business support programmes, including training, workshops, networking opportunities and business mentoring  
  • Support the strength of our region’s Māori businesses through a targeted programme and partnerships  
  • Work with industry groups to support the recovery of Auckland’s economy in a COVID-19 world   
  • Act as regional connector and convenor with close relationships to industry, education, local and central government, and as an advocate for Auckland’s workforce and businesses.  

We work to attract overseas businesses and investors, which will create jobs and increase the supply of capital in Auckland.

In driving Auckland's efforts to attract foreign direct investment, Auckland Unlimited focuses on:

  • Identifying opportunities in our advanced industries that will appeal to multinational companies and investors  
  • Showcasing Auckland’s most dynamic sectors and infrastructure opportunities; we team up with other agencies, international partner cities and industry organisations for initiatives such as trade missions  
  • Running a highly targeted programme to engage and assist the top multinational companies already here  
  • Growing Auckland’s screen production industry – our Screen Auckland team partners the New Zealand Film Commission to attract major international and domestic feature films and television productions.