Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd marketing communications and advertising costs

The annual marketing expense for Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd for the seven months ending 30 June 2021 was NZ$4.54 million. The impact of COVID-19 affected most aspects of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd’s work supporting priority industries and major events, which normally involves a lot of marketing focus. Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd reduced marketing activities accordingly.

The organisation carried out communications, marketing and advertising to support its activities on behalf of Auckland Council, and working in partnership with central government and private sector partners. 

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd led the region’s business and industry sector development, and delivered a major government support package for small businesses; it undertook activities to attract investment and multi-national businesses, and future business conferences; it also facilitated the region’s significantly reduced major events portfolio. The organisation is the guardian of the Auckland regional brand, responsible for marketing Auckland as a destination – which was mainly to a domestic audience during the pandemic, but included some international activity.

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited Ltd annual marketing expense for the seven months ending 30 June 2021