Versatile Aotea Square hosts an incredible array of live and public participation events through the summer and winter months. It forms the open heart of the Aotea Arts Quarter, and is the place to experience the life and creativity of our city.

As an historic gathering space for Aucklanders since its opening in 1979, it remains one of city's most important public spaces, and the central point of the Aotea Arts Quarter. From exhibitions to live shows, cultural festivals to interactive art installations, Aotea Square is where Aucklanders while away a stimulating lunch hour or bring their families to seasonal events.

Come along and enjoy the versatility of a place where there is always a quiet space to look at the public art and ponder, or an opportunity to experience something wonderful.

Banner image: Affinity, 2017

Key statistics  

  • 4,500 square metres
  • Can host up to 20,000 people
  • An historic site for public protest and speeches
  • Auckland’s largest inner city open-air public space
  • The site of countless university graduation celebrations

The Waharoa (Gateway) arch is an expressionist version of a traditional Māori entry gate in the Square, formed in wood and copper by Selwyn Muru. With a long history as a site of public gathering and protest, the Square honours it’s connection to the people of Auckland and its past.