Auckland Zoo Te Whare Kararehe o Tamaki Makaurau is not-for-profit and wildlife conservation organisation dedicated to building a future for wildlife.

He whakahaere whakauka oranga kararehe, kāore e whai huamoni Te Whare Kararehe o Tāmaki Makaurau ā, e whakaihi ana ki te oranga tonutanga o ngā kararehe.

The award-winning Zoo, proudly CarboNZero, is at the leading-edge of wildlife research, conservation work, education programmes, and innovative exhibits. We work together with our colleagues and our communities to foster discovery of the natural world, inspire action for wildlife and create hope for its future. We lead by example, with optimism, with expertise and with passion. 

As well as caring for the wildlife in the Zoo, Auckland Zoo is part of a global network of zoos, using Zoo resources and expertise to help conserve wildlife in wild places in New Zealand and all over the world.

Every day we find new ways to engage our visitors in the wonders of the natural world. By providing unique learning opportunities, we encourage and empower our community to protect wildlife through their actions. We continuously invest in our team and our facilities to create extraordinary experiences and minimize our environmental footprint.

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We can sometimes feel overwhelmed and think, that as individuals, we can’t really make a difference. But we need to remember there are millions of us, and every little positive action we each take counts - there is enormous power in our collective efforts.

Kevin Buley, Auckland Zoo Director