A new report aims to help Auckland businesses understand climate change-related challenges and opportunities.

The Auckland Unlimited Insights report is part of the economic and cultural agency’s work to help the region’s businesses and sectors build resilience, be future-ready and transition to being part of a net zero carbon economy.

The report is designed to complement work such as the recently published National Climate Change Risk Assessment and the region’s shared roadmap transitioning to a net zero carbon economy, Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland Climate Plan.

Auckland Unlimited Chief Executive Nick Hill says region’s economic recovery response to the impacts of COVID-19 gives Auckland the opportunity to shape an economy that is resilient and regenerative, giving particular urgency to tackling the climate crisis.

“COVID-19 has given us a taste of factors like supply chain and workforce disruptions, and some businesses have also been affected by Auckland’s water shortage over summer. In this report, we take a closer look at the challenges that will affect businesses in all sectors, as well as disruptions – including opportunities – that specific sectors will face.”

The report outlines physical risks to business from the impacts of climate change, and the challenges likely to occur from the transition to a net zero carbon economy, with a spotlight on businesses in food and beverage, construction, screen and the visitor economy.

“For example, we will need a construction workforce with the know-how and experience to build net zero buildings and infrastructure, while consumer awareness and preferences could see a reduction in animal product consumption but a boost in demand for locally produced food and beverages.”

It is clear is that Auckland businesses need to make changes, and some business may need additional support to do this. Enabling our business, regional organisations and leaders to understand these risks is critical to ensure businesses are supported through this transition, and we work together as a region.

The Insights paper is called Climate Change and Economic Recovery: Challenges Facing Auckland Businesses and Using Recovery to Build Resilience. It is based on a comprehensive report by AECOM, commissioned by Auckland Unlimited titled Auckland Economy Climate Change Risk Assessment. 

Auckland Unlimited’s Climate Innovation and Sustainability team are holding a series of sector-specific workshops in coming weeks, sharing the reports and discussing how to work together to create climate-resilient and sustainable industries and Tāmaki Makaurau.  

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Melanya Burrows
Communications Manager, Economic Development